We as an organization strongly believe in “Total Well Being” of the employees. Employee well being is the concern of management not only during the working hours but is also of greater concern during non working hours. To realize our belief, we are establishing of Welfare Dept as a  part of  - HR.


To achieve and maintain psycho-social well being of employees and their families. 


As an Organization we recognize that on the job lives are not independent circumstances cannot be left at the “Work site” nor can work related leave problems at the “front door”.


To promote healthy social interaction between the employees  inside and outside the “work site” setting by reducing
friction, resolving conflicts and modifying attitudes
To enhance personality development, stress coping and problem-solving skills among the employees

To provide guidance & counseling and help to achieve satisfactory levels of functioning with people in the organization,
with family and the social environment
To ensure a better overall quality of life for the employees and their families.
Counseling Services

ETA-Melco Management is more concerned with employees’ emotional health. We are introducing counseling services to take care of the employees’ emotional needs. Counseling has been considered as one of the unique humanistic approaches to ease the employees’ stress, which arise out of personal, family, social and work related factors. This approach creates a psychological bond between the organization and employees.

Areas of counseling

Stress management
Time management
Accidents in the work place
Adjust mental problems
Relationship difficulties
Interpersonal conflicts
Friction between employees
Anxiety and Depression Emotional
Marriage & Family problems
Behavioral problems
Grief and Bereavement
Chronic health problems
Smoking cessation
Sexual problems
Any other work related grievances
Self-Enrichment Activities: Un-met social needs can cause deterioration of social well being of the employees .We are organizing Self-Enrichment activities to cater the social needs of the employees to promote a better support system among the employees.