HSE Policy



ETA MELCO is fully committed to the prevention of all type of incidents that may cause, injury, ill health and pllution arising out of its business activities & services which include Marketing and Sales, Design arrangements, Installation and Maintenance of Elevators, Escalators, Moving walks and Dumb-waiters through effective operational control procedures.

Our Belief

  • It is a good business practice to guard against all types of occupational incidents to prevent injuries, protect health of employees and others who are associated with our operations and preserving the environment.

  • All incidents which injure people, cause ill health, pollute environment, and damage machineries and destroy materials, can be prevented by taking necessary HSE precautions.

  • Implementation of HSE requirements is a line responsibility and HSE professionals will work as catalysts to ensure that all employees fulfill their HSE responsibilities voluntarily

  • Instituting a “safety first” culture amongst employees will facilitate us with continual improvement towards the organizational goal

Our Goal

  • Provide safest possible working environment to employees and sub-contractors.

  • Encourage positive HSE Culture among employees and sub-contractors through suitable motivational schemes.

  • Discourage consistently the unsafe acts & behaviors, which may cause harm to health, safety & environment.

  • Integrate HSE requirements in all aspects/ functions of the organization.

Our Path

  • HSE responsibilities shall be specifically communicated to all concerned and clarified to ensure proper understanding.

  • Every activity shall have a formal risk/aspect-impact assessment and all employees and sub-contractors shall be made aware of the hazards/environmental aspects and appropriate control measures of the job being performed, through continuous training.

  • Organization shall set periodic objectives and targets to ensure continual improvement through risk and impact reduction.

  • All Federal/ Local Regulations and Contractual obligations related to HSE shall be complied with.

  • HSE performance shall be periodically monitored by effective supervision, periodical inspection/ audit and review.

  • HSE management system shall be established, documented and maintained as per OHSAS 18001:2007 & ISO 14001:2004 requirements .

This HSE policy shall be communicated / made available to all concerned including interested parties through appropriate means and shall be reviewed every year to ensure that it continues to be relevant to the organization.

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